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Tickets for Vasco Rossi – Blasco in Trento, Italy 2022.

Vasco Rossi is back this 2022 with a unique tour all over Italy that you can’t miss. Buy your official tickets for Vasco Rossi with maximum security on our site before they are sold out.

Vasco Rossi, also known as Vasco or nickname Il Blasco, is an Italian singer-songwriter and poet. During his career, he has published 30 albums (excluding unofficial release albums), and wrote more than 250 songs and lyrics for other artists. Rossi calls himself provocautore (meaning “provocative author” in Italian), because throughout his career, he has often been criticized for his lifestyle choices and the lyrics in his songs. He has sold more than 35 million copies and is one of the best-selling singers in Italy. His Modena Park 2017 concert is currently the highest-grossing concert ever.

Vasco Rossi returns to Ancona after eleven years of absence. A bombshell for the many fans of the Blasco from Ancona, but also for those of the Marche region and much of central Italy. The ‘Vasco Live 2022‘ had started with a program of six dates, between May 20 and June 12, 2022, of which five already sold-out (Milan, Imola, Florence and the double date in Rome).

The debut will be on May 20 at the Trentino Music Arena in Trento, which is announced as a ‘special event’. Now, given also the results of pre-sales, Live Nation has added five dates: Naples, Messina, Bari, Turin and, indeed, Ancona.

The date to mark in the calendar is June 26, the penultimate of the tour, when Vasco and company will arrive at the Conero Stadium.

It ‘s yet another live adventure for the most beloved rocker in Italy, which brings him back in some of the main Italian stadiums, but also in a racetrack (Milan), a historic site (the Circus Maximus in Rome), a racetrack (Imola) and two arenas (Florence and Trento).

Vasco Rossi Trento – Il Blasco


(Friday) 21:00 - 23:50(GMT+02:00)


Trentino Music Arena

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