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Official Tickets

Tickets go through various verification controls to prevent fraud. The tickets offered are 100% official.

Secure Payment

All transactions are processed through PayPal, Mastercard & Visa (Redsys), our secure payment providers.

Final Prices

We protect buyers from surprises during the purchase process. Our prices are final and include all kinds of expenses or commission, without adding anything else during the purchase process.

Discounts to return customers

If you have already bought on our website, contact us and receive your discount code.


Pointicket is a company in charge of providing information and support to find, select, reserve and buy tickets for all kinds of events held around the world, online, safely and quickly.

Selling Tickets

On our site you will find tickets available to buy directly and receive tickets by email.

We are looking for tickets

Ask us through the contact form for the tickets you need and we do not have published on our website.

Buying Tickets

Can't attend an event? Let us know and we will buy your tickets if we have a buyer who has asked us for them.

Last Minute Discounts

We have last minute tickets that are discounted. Check our website regularly or our social networks and get the tickets you want at a bargain price.